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Franchising Opportunities


And thank you for drilling down into the franchise section of the Amici web page.

Did you know that owning a franchise increases your chances of success far more than starting an operation from scratch? Unlike other concepts, becoming an Amici franchisee actually lets you… be you. Amici (which means friends in Italian) is a family-owned, family-managed ​full-service restaurant concept serving – since 1993 – I might add – award winning – pizza and wings, as well as scrumptious salads, sandwiches, appetizers, pastas, lots of fun, and of course – cold and delicious adult beverages.

Amici also creates an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment – “It’s that festive, community restaurant & bar where neighbors and friends gather around the table. The only thing better than the food & service are the good times – had by all.”

We need to know if you are that special person that Amici looks for to be an extraordinary franchisee…

Amici wants High Energy Entrepreneurs, with a “can do” Attitude, who are Passionate about running their own show – passionate about offering a truly remarkable guest experience and passionate about success. That’s right we want people with HEEAP – High Energy Entrepreneurs with Attitude and Passion.

How does Amici help that entrepreneur get started?

First and foremost, we look at the person – not necessarily the size of the person’s wallet as most other franchisors do. Heck – that seems to be their first question – how much money do you have? Totally exasperating. Rather, Amici’s first question is – does this person have HEEAP and is this a person we can trust and enjoy having a cold beer with? If it is – then Amici can help you get started.

From – planning, to financing, site selection, accounting, training and everything in between – Amici staff is there to help you every step of the way… from your first Amici dream to opening day of your first Amici location. And, even then we don’t stop. We stay with you after opening to be your source for all your management challenges – and you will have them.

Amici is a small “family” like organization – where no one gets lost in the morass of the corporate shuffle. Do we have corporate requirements – unfortunately – yes. Franchising is a highly regulated industry and we must and do follow all the regulatory rules and regulations.

What’s next is – let’s have a chat.

Call 706.752.0081 and tell Georgia or Julie or Mike that you are interested in being an Amici franchisee and we will set up an appointment for you. Or email us at corporate@amici-cafe.com.

I heard financing a franchise was difficult?

It can be – think back to your Econ 101 class. Remember what your professor said – “there is no free lunch.” Well, there is no free franchise either.

Though decoratively themed alike, no Amici restaurant is exactly like another.

Each has its own separate character – and that is what makes owning an Amici franchise a uniquely satisfying experience. But there are cost involved. However, we do try to structure the financing based on the financial capacity of the individual. Remember, if you have HEEAP we may be able to help you embrace your dream.

The Amici franchise fee is currently $24,500. After opening, there is a weekly royalty fee of 5% of gross sales plus a 2% marketing fee where applicable. As detailed in our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) which you will receive – the build out of an Amici restaurant can run from about $149,500 to $524,500 depending upon your dream and vison plus a myriad of other factors like location, size, equipment, and amenities. We have had franchisees purchase existing restaurants for bargain basement prices and they were up and running – for less money – and much quicker.

As a help in financing…

Amici is a registered franchise on the SBA (Small Business Administration) National Registry which makes it easier for you to finance with SBA backed loans. Other financing avenues…

  • FF&A – family, friends, and associates
  • 401K rollovers
  • VA benefits
  • And in certain situations, Amici may be able to provide limited financing.

We don’t want to make it sound too easy. You will need some cash – but HEEAP goes a long way.


Most national franchisors are looking for that multi-unit developer with a big checkbook who can open 3, 4, 5 or more units anywhere in the country. On the other hand, Amici looks at the individual (with HEEAP) – who can open one – and as success builds – open a second and possibly a third.

Right now we are focusing on Georgia and the Southeast.

By the way – we have absolutely nothing against multi-unit operators with a big check books and we would love to hear from them – so if you are one of them – give us a call?

What's the Size?
Depends on your dreams

and of course your financial capacity. Generally – an Amici unit can be as small as 2500 sf to as large as 4500 sf with a full bar and private dining. Now we are even experimenting with quick casual units having about 1500 sf.

What’s the success rate?

We cannot unequivocally tell you – that you will be a success – HEEAP or no HEEAP. But we can tell you that – according to the Southeast Franchise Forum

the failure rate of a restaurant belonging to a reputable franchise organization is far less than an independent start up restaurant

aka: a Mom & Pop operation.

Why Amici?
Amici is a regionally recognized Brand with a reputation for outrageously and shamefully delicious – “Pizza, Wings & Friends”.

Our locations in Milledgeville (home of Georgia College & State University) and in Athens (home of UGA) have over the years been the spawning grounds for the hundreds and thousands of college students who fell in love with the Amici Brand during their college years and now moved on to populate the Georgia countryside. The Amici Brand is highly recognizable – and in some cases has become a cult Brand. These folks now often seek out that mystique.

In addition and more importantly – you get the keys to the kingdom: tried and proven menus and recipes for providing superior food; efficient methods and systems; and all the help you can stand. What more could you ask for?

What support can I expect from Amici?
It’s plug and play.

The Amici team begins helping you when you make that first call and literally never stops. Our transition and management teams guide you every step of the way – from helping you with financing to training to pre-opening promotions to menu composition and recipe development – and thereafter. You being successful is our continuous goal.

What vendors & suppliers do I use?
Funny you should ask that question.

Amici has Master Distribution Agreements (MDA’s) with major food suppliers which allows every franchisee to participate equally. These MDA’s allow the franchise to purchase at very attractive pricing and terms. Amici can also provide guidance on vendors for many of your other administrative requirements like – accounting, insurance, payroll, licensing, and POS systems.

If – after all of this – you are still interested – YIPEE – let’s talk. We will get you on the road to running your own Amici franchisee faster than you can eat an X-large pepperoni. Call 706.752.0081 today.

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